The flag of Italy, also known as the “Tricolore”, has been the symbol of the Italian Republic for more than 200 years. It has seen history in the making and greeted all the most important events of the past two centuries.

The European flag was born in 1955 and thirty years later was officially adopted by the European Communities. It is made up of a circle of twelve golden stars on a blue background and represents unity among European people.

These flags are ideal for hanging outdoors thanks to their nautical polyester construction with reinforced heading and carabiner hooks. Additionally, the perimeter of the flags has been double stitched for better resistance over time. The flags are made of nautical polyester and are resistant to wind, bad weather and are characterized by bright, brilliant and durable colors. 

During special occasions and events, ElleErre offers a kit that includes both the Italian flag as well as that of Europe.

The flags are fire resistant to B1/DIN 4102.


-100 cm x 150 cm 

-150 cm x 225 cm

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